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Paying attention to the details is what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary.

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We Can Do it All

Not everyone has the time or experience to attend to all the little details that accompany so many things in life nowadays. And with landscapes constantly changing, it can be hard to keep up. It’s time to start leaving some things to the experts.

Hospitality Consulting

In the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction and loyalty is everything. We are able to analyze and offer recommendations to enhance operational performance and guest enjoyment. 

Event Consulting

Planning an event is an art as well as a science. It requires skills such as attention to detail, creativity, problem solving, communication, budgeting, multitasking, and more. From corporate to social to non profit events, we have the all-inclusive, diverse experience that ensures you only need one stop.

Wellness Experiences

Dreaming about a group getaway to a faraway destination filled with yoga, meditation and healthy, tropical treats? Make it a reality! We can help you realize your dream in your own home, in a local destination, or help you plan a full getaway.

Image Consulting

Image isn’t just important for politicians or high-powered executives. First impressions and presentation have an effect on everything from achievements in the workplace to happiness in relationships. Let us help you make sure to put your best foot forward every day.


Decades of Experience to Serve You 


After decades of international hospitality management and event planning in the corporate, social, and non profit fields, we are more than equipped to support you.

Individually Curated

Each service is designed around your distinctive needs and your desired outcome. There is no cookie cutter approach in our line of work, so you won’t have to worry about feeling lost in the crowd.

Adaptability & Reliability

Problem solving is what we live for. So you can rest assured that changing trends, industry shifts, or even your own change of heart will have no effect on our commitment to you.


Consultation Fees Defined By You

It’s hard to put a price on satisfaction and peace of mind.  We work with you to determine a consultation schedule and pricing structure. Schedule an introductory video chat or contact us for more details.

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